If you use a mailing list to contact some or all of the users/visitors on your website on a periodic basis, its subscribers are often referred to as mailing list members. They need to join and to give their permission to get automatic emails. You can include mailing list members manually too, on the condition that the program that you use to manage the mailing list allows this. According to the commonly accepted policies, a list member should be able to unsubscribe whenever they like. You, as the mailing list moderator, can also remove mailing list members in case they should not get email messages for some reason. The email messages that each member gets will have just one single address in the "To" field, not the addresses of all the mailing list members.

Mailing List Members in Cloud Web Hosting

The feature-ridden Majordomo mailing list management software application that is included with our Linux cloud web hosting will give you total authority over the members of any list that you create via the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You’ll be able to include or delete users by sending an email message to majordomo@your-domain.com, so you can accomplish this from any location without even needing to log into the hosting Control Panel. If you import a mailing list member manually, they will receive a confirmation request that they need to accept, so as to sign up for the mailing list. If they do this, they will get an email message with the list’s guidelines and features. You’ll also be able to view a complete list of all your mailing list subscribers and to keep track of who is receiving your newsletters or any other sort of periodic e-correspondence.

Mailing List Members in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Each semi-dedicated server that we offer will allow you to set up Internet mailing lists with as many subscribers as you wish. The advanced Majordomo mailing list manager that we provide will give you total authority over your subscribers. You will be able to add and to remove members or to see a full list of all present mailing list members. The new ones will receive a verification request and they will have to agree to be included in a given list and to receive email messages in the future. You can manage the mailing lists that you have set up and the mailing list subscribers from any location or device without the need to sign in to your Hepsia hosting Control Panel – you simply have to send an email message to majordomo@your-domain.com. If you are unsure how to complete a particular task, you can always read the educational articles about Majordomo that will be available in your hosting Contol Panel.